Google Maps Tile Investigator

Gain insight into a suspect’s
location searches in
Google Maps.

Useful in investigations ranging
from kidnappings to homicides,
and more.

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What does it do:

Google Maps Tile Investigator (GMTI) assists in putting more meaning around the Google Maps tile files left behind when viewing maps or getting directions on the Google Maps website. GMTI will take the x,y,z coordinates found in the tile filenames and download surrounding tiles to show more context around an individual tile. It will also convert the x,y,z coordinates to their corresponding longitude, latitude coordinates which can then be plotted in Google Maps. The x,y,z coordinates can either be manually entered or GMTI can search a hard drive for filenames that match the Google Maps tile filename format.

How an investigator would use it:

In an investigation, Google Maps tiles can be used to get insight into where a person was getting directions to or an area that was being viewed. This can be useful in investigations ranging from kidnappings and runaway youths to drug trafficking and homicides.

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