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IEF Advanced parses and carves for 430+ Internet-related artifacts
in allocated and unallocated space on computers, smartphones
and tablets.

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What if you had an easy-to-use tool that could recover Internet-related data from a computer with only a few clicks of a mouse?

Data like deleted chat history, social networking communications, webmail, cloud files, browser history, P2P activity, and more!

Thousands of law enforcement agencies, corporations and governments in over 90 countries trust IEF with their most important investigations:

Here’s why:

  • IEF is comprehensive – recover data from 430+ unique Internet-related artifacts from Windows & Mac computers and iOS and Android powered mobile devices
  • IEF is easy to use – run a search in 3 easy steps
  • IEF speeds up investigations – increases case turnaround times and reduce backlogs
  • IEF presents results in an understandable way – create reports with ease
  • IEF reduces your overall budget spend – all-in-one tool eliminates need to buy multiple products

Important Note: We’re committed to supporting the efforts of law enforcement, government, military and corporate customers. As part that commitment, we review each individual IEF trial request to ensure that our software is only distributed to individuals/organizations intent on the legal and ethical application of our technologies. Please submit complete company and contact information to ensure approval of your request.

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